I haven’t been able to cool down my passion for investments. I always thought of making a livelihood dealing with securities and real estate. My recent MBA has given me the framework and the experience required to be a successful investor.  After dredging through multiple alternatives, I finally decided to start my own private investment firm to manage family investments in real estate, securities and other potential lucrative deals. I will soon come up with a name for the firm – one that resonates with my investment objective – to eke out opportunities that provide tremendous returns.  For the near term, the firm will set returns that beat S & P return. Apart from securities, the firm will look out for real estate investments, both in commercial and multi-family units. I know consistently beating market returns is not easy, but not impossible.  The investment style must be proven, can survive and provide positive returns even during severe market downturns. Predicting and beating markets is not an easy game, but given the determination and focus, employing right strategies supported by extensive research is an achievable goal. Wall street firms with their army of researchers and traders, live and breathe in these markets every day, but with open markets everyone has the opportunity to make their mark. It is the intelligence, the research and the swift response to events that makes the difference. It’s a new start and I hope the success of the firm will be a reflection of my performance in achieving these investment goals.


I always thought that the new job will provide me opportunities in the areas of IT strategy, Organizational transformation, Business process re-engineering, Analytics and Project management. Unfortunately I haven’t had any luck with any of these interesting areas. I’m back doing the same SDLC, design & development, dealing with regular on-going operational issues with some involvement in infrastructure upgrades. That’s not what I intended to do. Aligning oneself with a progressive firm would open the flood gates of influential opportunities. To my dismay I found that was not happening. I may have to re-think my strategy for now. One thing I realized, always go into a job that provides you the role and the authority to make change (with consensus) , provides the power to question existing inefficiencies and  has the management support to try new ideas and alternatives. For now, I’ve to stay focused, imbibe the functional knowledge and stay up to date with the emerging technologies. That will be my goal until I hit the opportunity of my likes.

After my transition into a new job, I haven’t had the chance to blog for a while. Finally, I’m able to spend some time to catch up and narrate my experiences. I had big dreams of transitioning into investment related jobs, but soon realized after my graduation that it is difficult to seek jobs in areas where I have no prior experience. It takes hell of convincing to grab such jobs and unless you’re from an Ivy League, no employer would be willing to take chances with a newbie in their line of business. So the fallback option was to get back to my roots – IT – where my strengths lie. I’m now trying to focus on IT strategy and management, business development and technology solutions. Hopefully my accomplishments will one day help me lead an organization.

I still haven’t given up my investment career ambitions. I hope to strengthen my finance base, model and execute investment strategies exploring various investment avenues – fixed asset, stocks, derivatives and real estate. I want to accomplish things that I otherwise would have realized through investment /PE/Hedge fund jobs.  For now, my objective is to excel in everything I do – establish myself as a keen achiever in the world of IT and kindle my desire to reach heights of success in the investment world. I pray for support from the supreme being to support my endeavors. I’ll try to blog regularly and keep posted of developments from my end.