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As part of our course exercise on business sustainability, I went to Banshee Reeks again to capture some of the species diversity existing in the preserve. I had to identify an ecological enterprise and report on its ecological footprint and role in the community.

I was fortunate enough to capture some of the wonderful animal life on my camera which is available through the link below:

Wildlife exploration at Banshee Reeks

Short videos of my trail walk are available here:

Along Spring Trail in Banshee Reeks

On way to Goose Creek

My goal in the business program has been to see how individual endeavors undertaken by companies eventually rollout at the macro level and contribute to the overall business growth in challenging and competitive environments.

I have been really excited with the ongoing debate about the ethics and moral reasons behind running some of the large business sustainable initiatives at US Corporations. Though there is some credibility to the initiatives, I suspect whether the triple bottom line of “people, planet and profits” is exactly balanced. In fact, I look at some programs as blatant “greenwashing” spoofs. With the shifting economic dynamics towards emerging countries, the next age of environmental destruction will come from the rapidly industrializing and resource hungry nations of the developing world. The lack of agreement on Kyoto treaty, weakening carbon emission and renewable energy initiatives owing to falling oil prices, lack of commitment on sustainable practices from developing world are areas which need immediate attention. 

Though I am not an expert to evaluate anyone’s judgments and the success measures, I am in this class to learn about the future corporations and their role in leaving a planet healthy enough to sustain not just the next generation, but for multiple generations to come. I want to learn about the ecosystem and how the natural processes carry life forward retaining the delicate balance and harmony amongst the various inhabitants of this planet whether living or non-living.  I want to understand the various perspectives of business sustainability with a global focus subject to strong criticisms. I am also interested to know what transformations have to take place in individuals (behavioral, cognitive and emotional capabilities) especially in dilemmas where nature is in conflict with individual or company’s interests. I truly believe in the words of Edward O. Wilson in his book The Diversity of Life,

“There can be no purpose more enspiriting than to begin the age of restoration, reweaving the wondrous diversity of life that still surrounds us”.

Short video recorded in Banshee Reeks Preserve.

Banshee Reeks Preserve

As part of my sustainability course, I’ve taken up Banshee Reeks preserve for my case study and having the opportunity to explore the natural habitat so that I have a deep understanding of how nature works, how we interact with it and know our accountability towards preserving and protecting mother nature and creating sustainable businesses that meet the triple bottomline.

Picture below are some snapshots and videos taken in the preserve. To contrast natural habitats, I’ve included some pictures taken in my back yard to elucidate the gross biodiversity missing from artifically created human ecosystems.

Banshee Reeks Preserve Pics

Backyard Pics

Plant Inventory

Additional Pics from the preserve

Since recent past,  the word ‘Green’ has been reverberating across the nation. The current financial crisis has been a blessing in disguise for the push towards a green economy. As part of a sustainable stimulus to the economy, the Government is embarking on a huge spending plan which will create, thrive and sustain the green effort. Apart from the cap and trade policy, the Government is providing subsidies and incentives to green businesses, tax breaks to citizens for investing in green technologies and funding innovation through research programs. As part of my public policy debate, I had the opportunity to research and reflect on the policies towards a new, green economy. The details of my paper are listed here  –

The New Green Economy