As I delve back into my past coursework in Project Management, I ran into some hidden treasures. I had done some good presentations and research reports on various topics and thought of publishing some as part of my past PM series.  The first topic will be on executive decision making, one of my favorite areas of interest and the reason behind starting this blog. Prof. Ernest Forman, an expert in AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) taught us this class and introduced us to the topic of complex decision making. Organizations engaged in multiple projects always have difficulty in prioritizing projects. The key to arriving at a decision depends on the ability to decompose the problem into simpler, more manageable parts. First understand the goal, set the criteria and sub-criteria (objectives), identify and evaluate alternatives and synthesize to find best alternative. Listed below are two case studies analyzed by utilizing the AHP methodology.

Power point presentation on McDonalds Lawsuits

Another powerpoint on Berliner Communications consulting on Sprint’s EVDO project