After my transition into a new job, I haven’t had the chance to blog for a while. Finally, I’m able to spend some time to catch up and narrate my experiences. I had big dreams of transitioning into investment related jobs, but soon realized after my graduation that it is difficult to seek jobs in areas where I have no prior experience. It takes hell of convincing to grab such jobs and unless you’re from an Ivy League, no employer would be willing to take chances with a newbie in their line of business. So the fallback option was to get back to my roots – IT – where my strengths lie. I’m now trying to focus on IT strategy and management, business development and technology solutions. Hopefully my accomplishments will one day help me lead an organization.

I still haven’t given up my investment career ambitions. I hope to strengthen my finance base, model and execute investment strategies exploring various investment avenues – fixed asset, stocks, derivatives and real estate. I want to accomplish things that I otherwise would have realized through investment /PE/Hedge fund jobs.  For now, my objective is to excel in everything I do – establish myself as a keen achiever in the world of IT and kindle my desire to reach heights of success in the investment world. I pray for support from the supreme being to support my endeavors. I’ll try to blog regularly and keep posted of developments from my end.