I always thought that the new job will provide me opportunities in the areas of IT strategy, Organizational transformation, Business process re-engineering, Analytics and Project management. Unfortunately I haven’t had any luck with any of these interesting areas. I’m back doing the same SDLC, design & development, dealing with regular on-going operational issues with some involvement in infrastructure upgrades. That’s not what I intended to do. Aligning oneself with a progressive firm would open the flood gates of influential opportunities. To my dismay I found that was not happening. I may have to re-think my strategy for now. One thing I realized, always go into a job that provides you the role and the authority to make change (with consensus) , provides the power to question existing inefficiencies and  has the management support to try new ideas and alternatives. For now, I’ve to stay focused, imbibe the functional knowledge and stay up to date with the emerging technologies. That will be my goal until I hit the opportunity of my likes.