I am Anil Cheerla, a business savvy individual with a keen interest in managing business decisions. I have always been curious to know the frameworks in which decisions are made and want to use this blog to explore and report on the theories, concepts, methodologies and processes deployed in decisions making. I would like to shed light and bring to attention the successes and failures associated with these decisions. Business decision making is a strategic tool to establish competitive advantage and distinctiveness. Decision making happens in an enterprise at every level- from strategic to operational. An effective manager will always work with alternatives and options when making wise decisions. Effective & intelligent decisions will help organizations to be agile and make better-informed decisions. Since decision making lies at the heart of management, I want to capture the trends in business decision making, the role of critical thinking, stories of success & failure, lessons learned and what is required to be an effective decision maker. On the personal front, I would like to share my part towards uplifting the poor and the under-nourished. As part of this effort I support Cherish-Foundation, an orphanage dedicated to serving the needs of impoverished children from India. If you want to donate or serve the mission of this foundation, please visit http://www.cherish-foundation.org and make an impact in the lives of these children who deserve a bright future.